New Delivery Charges from 1st February 2023

After a period of quite severe inflationary pressure where we have absorbed supplier price increases as far as possible, to ensure we can maintain our service levels we have made the decision to introduce a charging mechanism that more accurately reflects the actual costs incurred in making a lorry delivery to our customers.
As many of you will be aware, these are the first changes to our delivery charges since Madingley Mulch began trading in 1999!
The following changes will be made from 1st February: Our minimum order value eligible for delivery will increase from £40 to £50 Delivery charges will now be applied to all orders to reflect the combined cost of distance travelled and space taken up on the lorry.
Please see our delivery page for more information about the new charges.

Garden, DIY & Building Materials Shop

Why not drop by and visit us at our Garden, DIY and Building Materials shop, where we stock a huge variety of products to fulfil your needs for all kinds of garden and DIY jobs. From saws to screws or compost to fertilizers, we’ve got it all in our own version of Aladdin’s cave.

Our friendly and experienced staff are always on hand to help and give advice. Need some help with heavier items? We will even load your car for you. We hope to see you soon!

We stock a huge range of garden products to keep your garden green and growing throughout the year, anything from fertilizers & weed killers to watering equipment & garden tools. We are more than happy to advise on suitable products for your garden.

Please find below a list of our best-selling lines, but feel free to pop in to explore our wide range of other goods.


We stock Miracle-Gro & Levington compost as well as a selection of other brands.

Shed & Fence preservers

Cuprinol less mess fence care, Ducksback and Ronseal Shed & fence preserver, a spirit based preserver for longer durability. We also stock Creocote, an environmentally friendly substitute for creosote. Why not try Cuprinol Garden Shades to give you those bright colours in the garden?

Garden Tools

We are a stockist for Spear & Jackson garden tools as well as a selection of other brands including Fiskars, Wilkinson Sword, Bulldog & Draper.

Fertilizers & Chemicals

We stock all the well-known brands for keeping your plants, vegetables and lawn healthy & growing including evergreen, miracle-gro, bayer-garden, baby bio & many more.

Weed killers & Pest control

We’ve got the chemicals to kill anything from your tiny garden weed to forgotten tree stumps and a great range of pest control products to keep your plants healthy.

Have you got a problem with mice or rats? We also sell traps, poison & bait to deal with any size infestation.

At Madingley Mulch you can find a wide range of DIY tools and materials in our shop just outside Cambridge. We stock a wide range of hand tools and a select range of power tools, and many other items from pliers and saws to cordless hammer drills.

We also have a range of different paint for interior and exterior applications and a large stock of Harris paint brushes and accessories. In addition you will also find a good selection of electrical and plumbing goods to supply many household jobs and a huge range of screws and fixings.

Please find below some of our best selling lines:


See in store for a selection of paints including:

  • Pure Brilliant White and Magnolia Emulsion in matt and satin
  • Satinwood
  • Undercoat and primer
  • Gloss (non-drip, liquid, quick dry, one coat)
  • Sandtex 10 year Exterior Emulsion and Gloss
  • Hammerite metal paint
  • Kitchen & Bathroom

We also sell Silicone sealant suitable for windows, skirting, kitchens and bathrooms.

Screws and Fixings

Huge range available for those DIY projects or for trade professionals e.g. multi-purpose BZP woodscrews or the new range of TORX fast fixings, self-tapping screws, brass screws, black japanned screws and also a range of top grade stainless steel wood screws and machine screws.


In store we stock a range of electrical goods enabling you to complete most household electrical jobs. Our products include switches, gang boxes, junction boxes, sockets, fuses etc. as well as electrical wire sold by the metre. We also stock a selection of light bulbs.


We have a great selection of plumbing fittings to help out with most jobs around the house, including but not limited to:

  • 32 and 40mm plastic push fittings including traps for sinks etc.
  • 15 and 22mm compression fittings
  • 15 and 22mm copper fittings
  • 15mm plastic push fittings
  • Washing machine/Dishwasher waste pipes
  • Shower hoses and heads


Hanging a gate? We’ve got tee hinges and a selection of latches which usually come in Black or a galvanised finish. We’ve also got hinges and bolts for inside doors as well as night latches and Yale locks. Plus a large range of padlocks – anything from small luggage locks to heavy duty weatherproof padlocks for garden sheds or garages.


Trying to find that elusive item? On top of everything else we also stock a variety of other small ad hoc products, from picture hooks and curtain hooks to Flue cleaner and super glue!

If you are looking for an independent DIY shop in the Cambridge area why not pop in and see what we have on offer – or give us a call on 01954 212144 to see if we’ve got what you are after?

As well as all our pre-packed aggregates our range of building supplies includes a wide variety of building tools and consumables. Our best sellers include our fast fence post mix which makes putting up those fence posts so much easier and heavy duty all-steel tools including shovels, forks and rakes. You will also find high quality Haemmerlin wheelbarrows, cement ad-mixtures, industrial grade adhesives, an extensive range of drill bits and much, much more!

To see our full range of building supplies please call into our Cambridge shop, or call us – we almost certainly have what you need.


We stock Ordinary Portland Cement in pre packed 25kg bags and a rapid setting post mix in 20kg bags.


We stock Arrow ladders and our range includes step ladders up to 9 steps, 3-way combi ladders with trays and extension ladders including double & triple extending up to 7 metres.


A large range of building tools including sledge hammers, wrecking bars, brick trowels, brick line, wood saws, masonry saws, spirit levels, digging spades and shovels etc. Brands include Draper Expert Tools, Predator hand saws, Bulldog, Faithful, Eclipse and Siteworx.


A selection of ad-mixtures for cement including frost proofer, air-entrainer and waterproofer. We also stock expanding foam, grip fill adhesives including pink grip and Everbuild Stixall extreme power which will bond & seal virtually any material.

Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E)

We stock a great range of personal protective equipment much of it now a legal requirement on work sites including;

  • Work boots
  • Work gloves
  • Hi visibility trousers, vests, shirts, coats
  • Safety glasses
  • Ear defenders