Mulch and Aggregate Calculator

Unsure about how much material you require for your project? Please use our mulch and aggregate calculator to feed in the dimensions of the area in question. We recommend laying your product to a depth of 75mm (3”) if you are planning a new area, but to a depth of 50mm (2”) or 25mm (1”) if you are topping up an existing work area.

The calculator will provide you with the number of cubic metres of product you require. Please note that our lighter products (soils, composts and conditioners, mulches and barks) are available in cubic metre bags. Our heavier products (aggregates, decorative stones, slates and chippings) are only available in half cubic metre bags.

A cubic metre bag of any product laid at 75mm depth will cover an area of approx 13 square metres. To help you picture this, it is roughly the size of a typical car parking space.

Mulch/Aggregate Calculator


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This Calculator is an approximate guide for measuring mulch, soils, conditioners and bark.

For other products please call Madingley Mulch on 01954 212144 for a quote.