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Why Autumn is the Best Time to Lay Turf

A well-maintained lawn isn’t just a patch of grass – it’s often the main focal point of a garden. Nothing can beat the appearance of a beautiful, lush green lawn, especially after it’s just been cut and raked – the smell and the feel of it underfoot…

Madingley Mulch takes perfect lawns very seriously and provides a range of high-quality, locally-grown turf from our site in Cambridge. We offer turf delivery to customers in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and the rest of East Anglia.

When to Lay Turf

Autumn is the best time of year to lay turf, because the plants in your garden are getting ready for the cold weather in the coming months.

Grass doesn’t need lots of long lush leaves in the winter as they’ll be vulnerable to frost. This means you won’t have much mowing to do while it’s establishing itself. In autumn, the new grass will send its roots deep into the soil while it’s still warm and moist, to escape the danger of the top few centimetres freezing when the weather gets colder. It stays warmer deeper under the soil where the grass establishes its roots which is why earthworms, moles and various other animals spend the winter underground.

If you lay your turf in autumn, it will quickly establish a strong root system. By spring, it will be suitable for walking, playing and jumping on!

Soil Preparation

Before laying your new turf, it’s important to remove perennial weeds from the soil. Do not use a weed killer, as it can remain in the soil and prevent the new grass from establishing.

Turn or rotovate the soil to a depth of 20-25cm and dig in some well-rotted compost or soil conditioner, such as our best-selling Denise’s Delight or Tony’s Tonic. If possible, leave the soil to settle for several days – the longer the better.

Get the soil level by walking across it in all directions. Follow this by raking the top layer in all directions.

Turf Preparation

Laying the turf should be done within 24 hours of delivery, otherwise you risk it discolouring and weakening as it sits rolled up.

Begin in one corner of the area to be turfed and avoid stepping on the newly-laid soil, by using planks or boards. Lay the rolls flat and close with staggered joints in the pattern of a brick wall and keep a bucket of soil to hand to add or remove soil as necessary to ensure the ground is level.

When the turf is fully laid, spread a thin mixture of sand and soil or compost – this helps fill any minor gaps and helps the rolls knit together and establish quickly.

Water the newly-laid turf well and leave undisturbed. These first few days are critical for the roots to establish.


Madingley Mulch offers lush, fresh turf from our Cambridge shop and provides quick and efficient turf delivery to our customers in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk. We deliver to areas including Ely, Newmarket, Royston and Saffron Walden. To discuss your turfing requirements, speak to one of our friendly team today on 01954 212144 or by emailing

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